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Saunomisohjeet ulkomaalaisille ja maahanmuuttajille – Instructions How to enjoy a Finnish Sauna Bath

Onko ulkomaalaisia vieraita tulossa saunaan? Tässä saunaohjeita turisteille ja maahanmuuttajille suomalaiseen saunaan tutustumiseksi!

Vuonna 2017 julkaistiin ainakin kaksi upouutta saunaohjetta Suomea taitamattomille saunasta kiinnostuneille. Suomen Saunaseuran ohjeisto on Aino Sutisen kuvittama. Saunaseuran saunomisohje on tehty englanniksi, arabiaksi, somaliksi, soraniksi ja farsiksi. Sauna from Finlandin ohje (The ABC of Enjoyable Finnish Sauna Experience) on englanninkielinen.

Julkaisen niistä tällä sivulla mobiililaitteille sovitetut kuvaversiot. Saunaseuran ohjeista löytyy tulostettava versio sivun alareunan linkkejä seuraamalla.

Instructions for Enjoying Sauna Bath in Finnish Style

This first part of instructions from the Finnish Sauna Society explains the culture of Finnish sauna.

Finnish sauna bathing 1 - culture of Finnish sauna. Material by Finnish Sauna Society, illustrated by Aino Sutinen. (adaptation by Saunologia)


Finnish sauna bathing 2 - conduct and behavior in the Finnish sauna. Material by Finnish Sauna Society, illustrated by Aino Sutinen. (adaptation by Saunologia)

The first part of instruction has two minor errors. There are more cars than saunas in Finland and some public saunas insist on using swimming wear.

16 steps to an enjoyable Finnish Sauna Experience

The Finnish sauna promotion association Sauna from Finland released the following guide in 2017. It has strong visuals to remind you of how Finnish sauna experience usually unfolds in 15 steps.

I have added one step to Saunologia Finnish sauna instructions beneath the the infographic adaptation.

15 step instructions to a blissful Finnish sauna experience by Sauna from Finland (adaptation by Saunologia)

Practical Finnish Sauna step-by-step guide

Saunologia version of the great guide by Sauna from Finland:

  1. Find the sauna location and invite sauna company. Finnish sauna is a social gathering and it'll be more fun with a friend. Finnish people are very willing to guide you.
  2. Preserve at least 2 hours of time just for bathing. 4 hours is not too much.
  3. Zone out and leave your mobile devices in the locker or hotel room.
  4. Drink half a liter (17 liquid ounces) of water (or similar non-caffeine liquid) before you head into the sauna
  5. Wash up in the shower before going into the steam room
  6. Wear a towel, swimming suit or go nude. Ask for instructions at the reception or look for guidance or follow other people.
  7. Take a seat at either of the two upper most benches. Feel free to move up or down if it is too cool or hot.
  8. You can poor water on the sauna stove rocks to make steam (called löyly), but it is polite to ask other people in sauna if they are ready for more steam
  9. Exit the sauna when you feel like it. There are definite guidelines, I suggest leaving at latest after 15 minutes if you are a beginner. Never stay in a sauna just because other people do. On the other hand, be prepared for minor discomfort the first times.
  10. Drink water between steaming sessions, sit down and cool off
  11. Dipping into a cold pool, lake, sea or a hole-in-the-ice can refresh you quickly, but take it slow if you are an adult because there is a huge increase in blood pressure which may cause nausea or even worse.
  12. Repeat warming, steaming and cooling as many times as it feels comfortable
  13. Some saunas sell whisks and allow them to be used. Check upon entering what is the situation. During summer, you can create your own.
  14. After you feel you've had enough, wash yourself
  15. Take your time dressing up, eat and drink as you please
  16. If you followed your instincts, you're guaranteed to feel great for the rest of the day!

How hot is it, can it be safe?

Finnish sauna temperatures can go up to 100 degrees Celsius (over +200 F). However, just visiting very hot saunas does not cause any danger. Just leave if you feel bad.

The most typical sauna injuries are minor burns from either careless steaming or touching a metal surfaces, so watch out for any steel structures, such as the stove. Burns are best treated immediately with cool water. Avoid having sauna while you're intoxicated if you're not used to it sober.

Saunaseuran tulostettavat ohjeet - Printable instructions for sauna steaming in the Finnish way

Englanti: Sauna bathing instructions in English

ساونا تعليمات الاستحمام باللغة العربية

Somali: Qalabka Saunada lagu qubeysto ee Soomaaliya

Sauna bathing instructions in sorani

Sauna bathing instructions in farsi

Kuvamateriaalien tekijänoikeudet julkaisijoiden. Saunaseuran materiaaleja käytettäessä mainittava lähde.

Copyrights of the visual material reside with original publishers. Using Finnish Sauna Society material requires attribution of the original source.


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