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News: Narvi WiFi app-based remote control

Saunologia introduces Narvi's latest product called WiFi. WiFi is a system that enable controlling and programming sauna heater with a mobile app. System provides a safe and easy way to heat compatible Narvi electric heaters without entering the sauna. WiFi will be available in select countries from early 2021. 

What's this all about?

Starting a heater without seeing it is a safety risk. Although Finnish shared-use saunas have utilized weekly timers for decades, this does not come without worries. Fire alarm may sound, if a plastic pail or a cleaning rag has been forgotten to lay on top of the heater. If the door leading to the sauna room has been left ajar, sauna will not heat as expected but the heater glows red and the nearby surfaces get dangerously hot.

The relevant options for remote controlling home saunas have been relatively few. Things are getting better for Narvi users with the new Narvi WiFi system. WiFi will connect the sauna heater with the wireless network of the home and further to the internet. This makes it possible to control sauna heating with a mobile application.

Narvi Wifi – laatikko auki4How does it work?

Narvin WiFi-system is based on patented safety technology (Finnish patent 127723). In Finland, sauna heater safety requirements are such that remote operations have to respond to either exceptions in the heating process or opening of the door. Narvi system monitors how the heater operates at any given time and compares it to baseline heating behavior. Any deviations from the normal will terminate the heating process and require human intervention to presume it.  The system will learn to adjust to changes happening over time.

To work, the temperature sensor must be installed directly above the heater in the ceiling.  This may be a problem if the there's a ventilation outlet in the vicinity.

promosovellus_2020-01-16_fixedHow can I use Narvi WiFI?

You need two things to begin using WiFi: 1) compatible Narvi heater and 2) wireless network with coverage at the sauna.

The list of compatible heaters includes Saana, Slim, Smooth, Softy, Style, Trio, Velvet Electric, NC Electric and Ultra Small models, all which do not have integrated controls (this is known as the E-model range). If the heater has controls, there will be need for additional electric work to bypass them for remote operation. For that matter, you could wire up any heater to work with WiFi, but manufacturer only officially support the specified models.

You will also need WiFi coverage at your sauna. If your cell phone can connect to the wireless network in the sauna (you can see the icon in the top status bar) then Narvi WiFi should work there as well. If it doesn't, you probably have to consider getting a wireless network extender, e.g. a wireless mesh router such as Google Wifi Mesh. More affordable alternatives exist, but including cabling and installation, there will be an added cost of at least couple of hundreds bucks (USD).

Below you'll see screenshots of the brand new Narvi app. This will soon include multilingual support.

An app and a new control panel

WiFi system is naturally used with the new Narvi mobile application available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. The application communicates with the heater through the internet and your home network. The app as well as WiFi documentation will be available in English, Russian, Swedish, and German.

From the app you can inspect the sauna temperature, the status of the heater, and remaining heating time. The sauna can be pre-programmed to heat up by a specific time or for a pre-determined amount of time. The maximum heating time is four hours, programmable 24 hours in advance, within the temperature range of 60 to 115 degrees Celsius (140 to 240 Fahrenheit).

Video of how the current Finnish iOS beta version of the app works (Yllä olevan videon YouTube-linkki)

WiFi system also includes a brand new  controller. The controller exhibits two line display and large touch sensitive buttons. The controller can also command sauna lighting and it can be installed on surface or integrated into a wall.

Narvin 2020 ohjainyksikkö
Kiukaan ja valaistuksen uusi kosketustoiminen ohjain

Soon available!

Narvi WiFi system bundle includes

  • Control unit
  • Power unit
  • Temperature sensor
  • Cables and connectors (control unit cable 10 m (30'), sensor 5 m (15'), heater and power unit cable 1 m (3'))
Narvi Wifi osat
Paketin sisältö

WiFi will be available in select countries during 2021. In Finland, the device is priced at  1,000 € (MSRP). Additionally you need to budget for professional electrician to install the system.

Narvi WiFi is designed and manufactured in Finland.


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