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The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design – signed

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Hard cover book, 4-color print, 220 pages. In English, 150+ photos and illustrations. 5-star rated at Amazon!

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This book is aimed at designers, builders, and dreamers of rustic sauna cabins and contemporary apartment saunas. The emphasis and examples concern private saunas, but design principles are well applicable also to large public baths.

A new book about the design of Finnish sauna provides a long-awaited relief for sauna dreamers around the world. Covid-19 and recent findings about the health benefits of sauna bathing have created a global sauna boom, increasing the interest toward saunas to unprecedented heights. However, for years, international sauna designers and builders have not had an opportunity to learn about sauna design from a credible Finnish source.

The fresh volume The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design addresses the problem by providing a fresh perspective and concrete facts for sauna design. It takes a holistic and experience-centred view. It explains to the reader how to make sure a sauna design will provide a healthy, safe, and pleasurable experience. Experience is crucial to every design decision the book discusses. Besides taking personal needs experience to the center, the book also considers inclusivity, for instance, by considering people with special needs.

Author Dr. Lassi A Liikkanen has an extensive history in academic research and later practical design. He has spent the past five years actively learning everything there is to know about the topic, starting with designing and building a classic Finnish sauna cabin of his own. He has now distilled this wisdom between the covers of some 200 pages, illustrated with over 150 full color photos, published by Culicidae Architectural Press (Iowa, USA). Author's digital sauna information outlet has published nearly three hundred sauna related stories since 2015.

"I felt it as my obligation to make the sauna know-how I've collected over the years accessible also to international audiences. I know there's a huge gap in understanding sauna altogether, I hope with this book I will be able to advance my mission of enabling better sauna experiences all around the world by spreading the word about how great saunas are created," the author states.

The book provides answers  to three major questions:

  • What is a Finnish sauna and what isn't,
  • what you should require from the design of a sauna, and naturally
  • how to design a Finnish sauna in detail.


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Tietoja kohteesta Lassi A Liikkanen

Saunologi ja saunan suunnittelun tutkimusmatkalainen. Johtava nykyaikainen suomalaisen saunan asiantuntija ja Suomen Saunaseuran Löylyn henki -palkittu 2021. Työkseni suunnittelen parempia digitaalisia palveluita. Minulla on pitkä historia tieteellisestä tutkimuksesta ja opetan satunnaisesti Aalto-yliopistossa.

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