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Feedback on Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design

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Book feedback form

Please leave your comments (spotted typos, criticism, and other suggestions) about the book with this form or email me if you are looking for dialogue. Click on 'Lähetä' (Finnish for Send) when you're ready.

You can also feel free to reach out via email in matters related to specific sauna design questions. I promise to read every email but my resources for free advice are limited by time.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂

Errata for the Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design

I hate to admit that we rushed to publish the book in the target schedule. This meant releasing it with more minor typing and layout errors than I care to admit. I admit being guilty for most of them.

Luckily, there are two positive sides to the present situation. First, we will be able to fix them in following editions and prints thanks to the nature of on-demand printing of the paperback.  Second, the first edition includes no major content issues, just few parts which readers may find confusing.

The committed and expected changes are listed below under each edition they were discovered in.

First edition (released 28th April 2021)

Following things will be fixed:


Page Revision description
Couple of photos appeared in too low resolution due to file error.
46 False information about the number of cars in Finland removed.
78, paragraph 1, line 13 The stones temperature range should start from 150 C, not 250 C (300 F instead of 400 F)
104 This list should be numbered, the reading order runs from the top left column down and to right column bottom.
110, paragraph 1, line 7 Should be conducted, not conduced
122 Invalidiliitto is 'The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities' in English
188 This image includes Finnish text. The labels would be 'room' and 'terrace' in English.
201 Unto Hakkarainen missing from acknowledgements

Version history

29th April 2021

The first KDP edition is published. This paperback edition has no version identifier.

17th May 2021

A new digital version with some minor corrections is expected by mid May, a new print edition for European retail by mid June 2021.

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