Book – Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design

This page documents an ongoing effort to create an English edition of a book published in Finnish in 2020 (Hyvien löylyjen salaisuus).

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What's going?

21st October 2020

I have just signed a deal to publish the book next year! Read here for details:

June 2020

I have finished writing the manuscript and working on a plan to get the book published.

3rd March 2020

I just published the final article of a series in Finnish Sauna Essentials online. This series is practically a long summary of the upcoming book. Please enjoy for free and share wide and far!


In December I was happy to receive good news about a grant I had applied for writing the book. Now just today on third of March, I have initiated the work and started writing the manuscript! You can find the draft table of contents at the bottom of this email. Please comment if you think there's something essential missing!

It’s a small step for a book, but I have high hopes to Finnish the raw manuscript by June. What happens after that is still a mystery.

I have applied for additional grants to finalize the manuscript with all its necessary steps. With bit of luck, that will succeed and close the financial gap between a raw manuscript and ready-to-print book.

I will keep you up to date how things proceed with emails before mid Summer! (please feel free to unsubscribe if you think this is bothering you)

Finally, If you want to somehow offer your assistance, for instance test reading some of the sections, please let me know

14th December 2019

Kickstarter project in late 2019 showed some international interest in the book but failed to raise adequate funds to make the book potential. While I'm eager to accept any philantrophic initiatives, I will in 2020 explore opportunities to fund the production with a dedicated grant.

To be realistic, the work on the book will unlikely commence in 2020 even if the plan succeeds. 2022 is more probable target.