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Saunologia Sauna Label

The Sauna label program is starting in 2021, enroll today!

For anyone interested in sauna design or improvement consultation, please contact in the meanwhile.

The promise of a great sauna!

For prospective sauna owners

Saunologia's sauna label gives you confidence that the sauna you're looking to acquire will stand up to the highest standards of Finnish sauna. Sauna models that have received Saunologia's label are specified to include appropriate heating, ventilation, and bench arrangement. As well as attention to numerous other details that are important for a sauna that enables great, healthy sauna experiences and amazing löyly, like you can only enjoy at an authentic Finnish sauna.

The sauna label information is available free of charge for consumers.

Why sauna label?
What makes labeled saunas stand out?

Sauna design is not magic, but for too long, customers outside Finland and even few in Finland have been forced to satisfy themselves with facilities that cannot provide a satisfying and a healthy sauna experience.

Sauna label seeks to remedy the situation by giving a third-party assurance on the quality of the design.

Label involves no claim that only the saunas carrying the label are acceptable or authentic Finnish saunas. Instead it highlights sauna

What is exactly being approved?

The Label targets a specific sauna design. It is not totally rigid but allows for certain flexibility. The Label does not dictate all implementation details, for instance, paneling may be untreated wood, different varieties of wood may be used. Or heater power rating will be given to match variations in volume.

For pre-fabricated sauna and  sauna cabin manufacturers

Saunologia's Sauna Label program gives sauna manufacturers a chance to improve their design and receive an acknowledgement for doing so. By enrolling your design in the program, you will receive the best expert consultation for your R&D efforts. By completing the program, you will get a chance to get your design featured on the list of approved design on  this site!


  1. Enrollment
  2. Design review
  3. Iteration
  4. Prototype Testing
  5. Approval
  6. Listing

The expense for enrolled companies is the approval process fee and continued listing fee (1 year listing included.

As long as Covid-19 related travel restrictions apply, the label is only available for prototypes available for testing in Finland.

Contact for details

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