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Guide for navigating Saunologia payments for customer outside Finland

In order to procure services from Saunologia, we kindly ask you to pay for them on our web store.

The web store is unfortunately not operating fully in English at this time, so please see the following instructions to get through the checkout.

I recommend always using PayPal payments, which seems to work best for most foreign credit cards.

Second option Klarna Checkout phase in which you can complete with regular credit/debit card payment.

You will find your way starting from a so called product page which we will email you.

I have receive personal product link over email

 There's a purple button labeled 'Lisää ostoskoriin' after clicking it, the shopping cart should appear hovering on the right bottom of the screen.  That should instruct to proceed to Checkout.
Product page, note the purple button
Shopping cart on the right side of the screen, the bottom button takes you to checkout.
During the checkout process, there's an option to use PayPal or  Klarna Checkout at the bottom of the payment options (the listing is in Finnish as shown below, please select that option from the bottom to get access to international card payments.
which looks like the following image, the payment form is on the right column, but it should be displayed in English for you based on your location.
If this fails to work, we support PayPal alternative but prefer that as the fall back, not the primary payment method.

For PayPal, please request more information from

    Ostoskori - Cart
    Kori on tyhjä - Cart is emptyPalaa kauppaan - Return to Shop