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Join Saunologia’s First Finnish Sauna Design & Construction Workshop in California, June 15 2024

Saunologia will organize its first ever design workshop in Sonoma, CA on the Saturday June 15th, 2024. Tentative hours 12pm-4pm. The event will be hosted by and at Finnish American Home Association (FAHA). The location also houses two Finnish saunas!

FAHA will be selling tickets to the event online $30, admission includes opportunity to enjoy the sauna after the workshop. At their website, scroll down on the front page.

What will happen in the workshop?

The workshop instructor, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Aalto University, Lassi Liikkanen (he/him) will run the approximately three-hour workshop which is followed by a sauna experience. The workshop offers several perspectives into appreciating Finnish sauna.

We will explore in detail a case study of an integrated sauna design and construction. This case illustrates all critical phases of indoor sauna creation with many take aways applicable to other types of saunas too.

  1. The design process
  2. Heater selection
  3. Bench layout
  4. Demolition and wall construction
  5. Insulation and vapor barriers
  6. Building benches
  7. Finalization

What you will experience

  • Discover Authenticity: Understand the unique characteristics of a traditional Finnish sauna and how its design and function set it apart from other heat therapies.
  • Explore the Elements: Learn about the three critical elements that define a healthy and sustainable sauna experience: soothing heat, optimal air quality, and thoughtful interior design.
  • Design Inspiration: Get inspired by a variety of example sauna designs tailored to fit every lifestyle and preference. Find the perfect sauna that resonates with your personal sanctuary needs.
  • Experience Löyly: Participate in a safe, guided sauna session led by a sauna-native Finn, who will introduce you to the traditional practice of löyly – the gentle steam that envelops the bather.
  • Q & A: Direct answers to your sauna hot topics!

Whether you're a seasoned sauna enthusiast or new to the experience, this event promises to enrich your knowledge and appreciation for this time-honored Finnish building tradition.

Detailed programme (draft 16th April)

Workshop from 12pm to 4pm, sauna from 4pm to 5 pm.

All times are Pacific. Please bring your own snacks!

12.00 pm Welcome and opening words, short introductions
12.15 pm 1:  Theory: Dive into the four leaf clover model of designing Finnish sauna
12.45 pm 2: Betweens the walls, below the ceiling: from capacity to a rough layout

01.15 pm Break

01.30 pm 3:  Heater choice and placement, height considerations
02.00 pm 4:  Ventilation options

02.30 pm Break

02.45 pm 5: Bench layouts and cross-sections
03.15 pm 6: Materials, lighting, and little details
03.45 pm Exhibition & Sauna time

05.00 pm Cooling off and saying goodbyes

How to secure your seat?

There’s a limited amount of seats for the workshop. The tickets are available at, $30 general admission, $20 FAHA members.

See you in Sonoma in June! And don't forget, I'll be there for a Juhannus spectacle too!

If you wish to sign up for the event updates over email, please leave your email address here:


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Tietoja kohteesta Lassi A Liikkanen

Saunologi ja saunan suunnittelun tutkimusmatkalainen. Johtava nykyaikainen suomalaisen saunan asiantuntija ja Suomen Saunaseuran Löylyn henki -palkittu 2021. Työkseni suunnittelen parempia digitaalisia palveluita. Minulla on pitkä historia tieteellisestä tutkimuksesta ja opetan satunnaisesti Aalto-yliopistossa.

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