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Sauna Design and Consultation Services

Sauna design, improvement and construction services

Does your Finnish sauna need a new heater, or is it just a dream yet? Are you trying to save a dysfunctional sauna, but struggling to decide the right course of action?

Since 2016 we have offered tailored, first class Finnish sauna designs to anywhere in the world straight from Finland! We offer uncompromising ideas for sauna adapted to unique situations at different cost levels.

Tens of sweaty but satisfied of customers around the world!

Saunologia enables you to tap into the collected wisdom of Finnish sauna designers and builders when you are looking to succeed with a brand new or renovated sauna.

Saunologia offers following services to guarantee you a delightful Finnish sauna experience:

  1. Sauna consultation phone call (up to 30 min), serves your immediate and well-defined needs, no documentation. Requires advance booking (0-3 days).
    For Europe based customers 59€, for overseas customer 75€ (80 USD)
  2. Sauna improvement kick start package for new and refurbished saunas (up to 3h, includes documentation),
    390€ fixed fee (400 USD)
  3. Custom sauna design project: design, renewal, sauna business consulting, product development. Pricing based on location, Finland, the rest of Europe 150€/h (150 USD/h), overseas 175€/h (175 USD/h).

Prices are exclusive of Finnish VAT (24%) and tax is not applicable as long your sauna build happens outside Finland. In longer projects, invoicing will happen after work is concluded or three months have passed since project started.

If you don't know what kind of a service you need, please contact me and let's figure that out together!

2024 promise: We try to respond to all inquiries within two business days. Due to the high volume, have patience.

What to expect with different duration projects:

0.5 h - solving single readily defined question
1.0 h - one or two bigger issues
3.0 h - - going through a full sauna plan with suggestions and additional design ideas, design revisions, or construction support
1 to 2 days  - designing a simple sauna from scratch (rough 3d, sections, layouts), material and construction advice
5 days or more - designing a complex sauna from scratch (complete 3d models, renderings, details)

Most consulting takes place remotely via phone/video calls and email as what work for you.

Please note that we work from the Finnish time zone, approximately between business hours of 8am and 6 pm. We may propose to schedules meetings at times more appropriate for Customers, but please don’t expect that outside these hours we could be instantly contacted.

American Time Zone Corresponding Business Hours
Eastern (EST) 1 am to 11 am
Central 12 am to 10 am
Mountain 11 pm to 9 am
Pacific 10 pm to 8 am

Services provided by Dr. Lassi Liikkanen, a sauna expert who has been advising sauna enthusiasts on all continents and numerous new and reparation projects in Finland

Besides help on sauna-focused design and construction projects, you can contact me for lectures, marketing collaboration and other requests.

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Saunologia General Terms of Service

§1 Services are being offered by Saunologia, company registered in Finland in 2003 (value added tax registered business code FI18063955), VAT exempt business sales possible within EU).

§2 Saunologia client enters a business relationship with Saunologia after accepting these terms and choosing a model of co-operation

§3 Services are offered for sauna design, construction, sauna service design and operation as well as answers to other sauna related questions including product development.

§4 Responsibility over employing, adapting and use of all instructions and suggestions provided as part of the services remains with the client. Client and their representatives must ensure that the guidance is adapted to follow local regulations, laws, and practices. Saunologia is committed to providing assistance that is universally applicable, helpful, sound and well-intended to meet client communicated ends.

§5 In Finland, neither architectural or civil engineering services nor their professional outputs are provided by Saunologia

§6 All information provided by clients is considered confidential and not distributed further

§7 Customer data is handled according to European general data protection guidelines

§8 In the ultimate case, disagreements will be settled in the District Court of Helsinki (Finland).

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